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Malaysian┬ádrivers, please take out your driver’s license and check: Is the address on your driver’s license the same as your latest address? Because if they are different, you may face a fine!

The Malaysian Road

Transport Department (JPJ) issued an announcement last week that according to Section 58A(1) of the Road Transport Act 1987, any change of address of a vehicle owner or driver’s license holder must be notified to the authorities within two Belize Phone Number List months. If the public fails to notify the authorities or provides an incomplete or incorrect address, it will be considered an offence.

The public can choose to go to the nearest Land Transport Authority office, branch, or

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Urban Transformation Centre

(UTC) nationwide to update their address!

According to the information shared by Belize Phone Number List Winrayland, if you have already registered a MySIKAP account, you can also log in to your MySIKAP account directly and update your address online.


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