If you don’t take the initiative to say

In the workplace, you will inevitably encounter some situations, such as meeting your superior in the elevator or meeting a colleague for the first time before a meeting.  hello, it will seem impolite; if you say hello, it will feel awkward .

In the workplace, even if you don’t know what to do, you must take the initiative to talk. Are you someone who can’t talk, dares not talk, or doesn’t want to talk? Learn the following tips to resolve the awkwardness through casual chatting.


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1. Be the first to speak

First use eye contact to let the other person feel your goodwill, and start with a simple topic.

You can introduce yourself to  0colleagues you are Estonia Phone Number List not familiar with; you can simply say a few simple greetings to colleagues you are not very familiar with: I don’t seem to see you in the office much recently. Are you on business trips?

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Observe the other person’s emotions

Unlike regular greetings at  work, this kind of small talk can simply ask about the other person’s mood. If you notice that the other person doesn’t want to chat, just say hello. Continuing the conversation will only make it boring.

You can observe from these small details whether the other person is not interested in chatting. Once you find that the other person has these natural reactions, you Algeria Phone Number List should end the topic tactfully: whether the other person’s eyes are unfocused or deliberately avoiding during the chat, or whether there are more obvious body movements such as looking at the watch or stepping back, etc.


3. Listen and think from other people’s perspective

During the greeting, capture the other person’s interests and continue the conversation, giving the other person a chance to speak.

If you don’t know how to start a topic, you can talk about the weather, food, holidays, etc.; with girls, you can talk about beauty, entertainment news, etc.; with boys, you can talk about games, movies, etc. These topics will not be awkward and will not cause one party to immediately end the entire conversation.


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