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A program that provides quotes for unforeseen additional work If your installation does not meet the minimum installation standards a professional can still install but additional charges may apply. In this case the installer will carry out a free on-site assessment and generate a total price for the progressive work. But if the additional work is too minor and can be completed within the daily installation schedule they will charge you and complete it immediately.  important events an EV charger professional will contact you with a quote and if approved by you the event will be rescheduled. If you decide not to proceed you will receive a full refund of any payments you have made.


What you should

do before installation Make sure the space around the Iran Mobile Number List switchboard or meter is clearly visible including the cable wires running through it. Especially in confined spaces like under stairs and nearby garages. Set your password so your EV charger installer can access your charging location’s website. Do you need to adjust your schedule? Don’t worry; experts admit the unexpected happens occasionally. However if you need to reschedule please use the cancellation link in your confirmation email and they will be happy to offer you a new appointment time that better suits you. What is the daily installation process? Your installer will confirm the arrival time with you before installation.

Depending on your power

and parking style, your installer will help you choose Albania Phone Number List the best location for your solo trio. After drilling holes in the wall and removing cables to calibrate the charger, the installer will briefly cut power while installing and connecting it to the central servo. They will make sure your home charger is ready for use and perform a final safety check. 


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