Hong Kong Old Age Allowance

2024 (Fruit Allowance) and Old Age Living Allowance Application Guide (Eligibility Conditions and Procedures + Monthly Amount + Restrictions on Leaving Hong Kong + Frequently Asked Questions)

The Public Welfare Allowance

Scheme under the Hong Kong Social Welfare Department has different allowances, among which the Old Age Allowance (Fruit Money) and the Elderly Living Allowance (Changshengjin) are the most common and the two benefits with the most applicants.

So what is the Old Age Allowance (Fruit Money)? What is Japan Phone Number List the Elderly Living Allowance (Changshengjin)? What are the conditions for applying for these two allowances? How many years do you need to live in Hong Kong? How old do you have to be to apply?

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In order to facilitate everyone

To have a better understanding of the Hong Kong Old Age Allowance (Fruit Money) and the Elderly Living Allowance (Changshengjin) and apply smoothly, the editor here has compiled an latest and most detailed Hong Kong Old Age Allowance (Fruit Money) and Elderly.

Living Allowance Application Guide, including application Afghanistan Phone Number List conditions and procedures, monthly amount that can be collected, departure grace rules, etc. In addition,  s in Hong Kong who need to apply for a nd get it!


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