hat else can you do in November if you don’t eat out?

t to treat your girlfriend to a good meal, but don’t know where to find delicious and worthwhile food? Why not take her to a buffet? Now the two famous local buffet restaurants Shangri-La Lemon Garden and Jogoya are having a promotion!

Those who usually think it is too expensive and dare not eat it, now is the time to enjoy it to your heart’s content!



Companies you may be interested in

From November 1 to November 30, 2018, come to Lemon Garden at Shangri-la Hotel for a buffet and get

iscount on the second customer!

Yes, to put it simply, the first customer pays the original price, and the second customer enjoys a 50% discount, which is a lot cheaper!

This offer is only applicable to Buffet Lunch from Monday to Friday, and Buffet Dinner from Sunday to Thursday. If you are interested, please remember to complete the reservation through the Shangri-La Special Mobile App in advance!

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Seeing this, you will definitely

think with disdain: Ha, who would want to do business that loses money.

Hey, you don’t know this. In order to win the Double Argentina Phone Number List Eleven, merchants are willing to do business at a loss. Because only during this period of time every year, hundreds of millions of people flock to Taobao. If Double Eleven is not done well, it means that the next year will be a mess. If you don’t grab customers now, when will you?

So, don’t hesitate. Double Eleven is the cheapest time of the year.


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