“Glance Guest Setup” may refer to setting

“Glance Guest Setup” may refer to setting up Guest Mode on the Glance platform, allowing users to use your device as a guest. Glance is a remote collaboration and screen sharing platform. With Glance, you can share your screen with others for remote collaboration, technical support, etc. Here are the general steps to set up Guest Mode on the Glance platform:

### 1. Log in to the Glance dashboard

First, you need to log in to the Glance dashboard. You can visit the official website of Glance and log in to your account.

### 2. Enable Guest Mode

In the Glance dashboard, find and enable Guest Mode. Usually, Guest Mode can be found in Settings or Profile Options. Depending on the version and interface design of Glance, the specific operations may vary.


Configure Guest Mode Options


Once Guest Mode is enabled, you can configure some options to ensure that guests can access your device and shared content in an appropriate manner. These options may include:

– **Guest Code or Link:** Generate a specific france phone number   guest code or link to allow guests to join your session.
– **Permission settings:** Set the permissions that guests can use to view, control, and edit your screen or files.
– **Guest authentication:** You may need to set up guest authentication to ensure that only authorized guests can join your session.
– **Session time limit:** Set a time limit for guest sessions to ensure that sessions automatically end after a certain period of time.

### 4. Share a guest code or link

After enabling guest mode, you can share the generated guest code or link with people who need access to your device. They can use the code or link to join your Glance session.


Start a guest session

Once a guest has joined your session, you can Argentina Phone Number List start sharing your screen with them, collaborating remotely, or providing technical support.

### 6. End a guest session

After the session ends, remember to turn off guest mode or end the session to ensure your device is secure.

### Notes

– When configuring guest mode, make sure that appropriate permissions and security measures are set to prevent unauthorized access.
– Remember to end the session promptly, especially after sharing sensitive information or after the guest leaves, to protect privacy and security.

These are the general steps to set up guest mode on the Glance platform. The specific steps may vary depending on the platform version and setting options.


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