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Ukrainians respond to most often and which positions in the Armed Forces do not require combat experience Take care of insurance for a safe entry into Ukraine Take care of insurance for a safe entry into Ukraine BUY The general mobilization in Ukraine continues but at the same time the number of people who want to join the Armed Forces by choosing their military branch and position is increasing. And one of the ways that allows you to do this is to search for vacancies on job search platforms.

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Note that currently such sites are looking for not only narrow specialists with combat experience but also people with civilian professions which the army is in Israel Telegram Number Data great need of. We tell you which positions in the army receive the most feedback from Ukrainians with reference to the analysis. Read more about how to independently choose a unit and position for the service at the link . The top most popular positions in the army without combat experience According to a report on the Work.uazsu portal they received more than responses to various vacancies in a month.


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To noncombat specialties socalled civilian positions which ensure the full functioning and support of the army in the rear. So what are the most popular vacancies Israel Phone Number List among Ukrainians Clerk The duties of a clerk may include various tasks so depending on the unit this person is responsible for receiving registering maintaining processing and storing documentation and archives. Candidates for this position are typically expected to have a high level of organization attention to detail and responsibility. At the same time as a rule higher education and experience in a similar position will be an advantage but are not mandatory for candidates.


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