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The British supervisory authority not only recognizes these differences, but also orders them to be taken into account when applying specific solutions in practice. The ICO proposes to distinguish the following groups from the general concept of “children”, differing from each other in their stage of development, neds and cognitive abilities: 0-5 years, infants and children who are just starting to read and write โ€“ at this age, they are not aware of the risks associatd with using the broadly understood.

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Internet, they cannot read or have little understanding of the text they read, so written information should not be addressd to database them. They often use parental access devices that may not have proper settings to protect children and are easily manipulatd. 6 – 9 years old, children in primary ducation โ€“ at this age, they have their own devices more often, they use games and interactive applications more often, they are also recipients


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They start to be interestd in social mdia, they already. Receive the first information about. Online threats, but they do not fully EU Email List understand them yet. Although they are still most influencd by family and school. It is also increasingly important for. Them to fit into the group, which may encourage them to behave in certain ways. 10 -12 years, transitional period โ€“ at this age, they most often already have their own devices, in particular smartphones.


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