A first approach and a lot of networking

Last Friday, May 24, the first PowerAsturias was organized, an event held at the Terraza Puravida, which served as a meeting place for all the students in the area and was the first step in a long road of professional meetings.

Around thirty ThePowerMBA students Ecuador Phone Numbers attended , full of emotions, knowledge, future plans and current projects that they were able to share with others during a valuable time dedicated to networking and generating synergies between them.

PowerAsturias will continue to meet

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Likewise, Pedro Carrillo Herrero , PowerAmbassador of Asturias, did not miss the opportunity to bring a special guest to the event on the occasion of the first event. And so, Mariana Pérez , an expert in resource optimization, gave a talk on “Agile methods and time optimization” , an initiative highly applauded by the attendees and which enriched the experience.

Finally, Pedro did not want to El-Salvador Phone Number List waste time and after the meeting he made a video to remember the moment and announced that for the next AfterWork, all attendees will be able to propose topics for debate, special guests and project presentations, in order to continue building a team in the city.

  • Then I will try to achieve the “problem solution fit” to get my Minimum Viable Product. As soon as I achieve the “product market fit” I will go into more depth in other studied parts such as the Marketing module. 

  • I found the finance module to be fabulous for acquiring all the necessary knowledge, I found it very well explained and defined. 

  • It even becomes easy for people without any prior knowledge.


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