60+ SMS marketing and text messaging statistics

Discover a collection of compelling text message marketing statistics that will convince you to integrate SMS into your business strategy.

Alexa Lemzy

June 29, 2023
Overview of SMS statistics in 2023
SMS usage and adoption trends
Growth of SMS as a communication channel
Effectiveness of SMS marketing
Mobile and SMS consumer behavior
Future trends and prictions

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If you’re looking for a game-changing Mexico Phone Number List marketing strategy that cuts through the noise and delivers unparallel results, investing in SMS is not just an option – it’s a necessity.

Text messaging and SMS marketing have emerg as the undeniable powerhouses of customer engagement, and the statistics we includ in this article speak for themselves.

Join us as we delve into the latest and most captivating SMS marketing statistics of 2023, and discover why this dynamic mium should be at the forefront of your marketing arsenal.

Overview of SMS statistics in 2023
The global expenditure on SMS marketing amounts to $327.1 billion, with the Unit States leading as the largest market. Projections indicate that this figure will increase to $339 billion by 2023.
90 seconds on average is the typical SMS response time.

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6.92 billion – current global population of smartphone users, indicating that approximately 86.29% of the world’s population possesses a smartphone.

6 billion people own mobile phones, meaning 65% of the global population, etc.

23 billion texts are sent on average at a global level each day.

Only 39% of businesses have incorporat SMS into their digital marketing strategy.
Many business owners are missing out on this significant opportunity to connect with their target audience.


SMS usage and adoption trends

SMS remains a dominant form of communication globally, especially in regions where smartphone accessibility is relatively low or Internet connectivity is limit. Here’s the data to support it:

US$ 101.77 billion is the expect

value for the A2P SMS and CPaaS market by 2028. In 2022 it only reach US$ 71.07 billion.

6.2% is the The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) forecast for the A2P SMS and CPaaS market by 2028.
67.2% of CPaaS users experienc a significant boost in their revenue, with an average 28.5% increase.

75% of consumers express a clear preference Mexico Phone Number List for text-bas customer support interactions over traditional phone calls or social mia interactions.

7.13% is the average reply rate for B2B messages out of 21 million texts sent every month.

50.17% is the average reply rate for businesses engaging in two-way conversations. (Source: Textmagic)


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