5 mistakes to avoid in your marketing strategy

Digital marketing is an indispensable ally for all companies that really want to grow in these times. We live in the smart era, in which everyone has access to the Internet from anywhere thanks to their mobile phone. Being there, in those virtual environments in which people move, is the goal of any brand worth its salt.
And to do so, it must have a team that knows how to avoid the most common mistakes in digital marketing. Do you know them? No? Well, the time has come for you to discover them in order to avoid them.

The most common mistakes in digital marketing

One of the biggest mistakes in marketing strategies, especially in  Peru Mobile Number List small teams, is not taking advantage of mailing . The resurgence of email marketing has been made clear thanks to tools suchch allow the mass sending of thousands of emails to thousands of people completely free of charge. This tool is one of many that should be in the usual range of agencies.
But there is much more. And, although avoiding the benefits of email marketing is a basic error, the ones we are going to see below are just as important, or more so:

Not setting clear and measurable goals

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Today, marketing teams have a multitude of tools at their disposal to measure key variables such as click-through rates, impressions, visits, conversions and much more . Building on this, a solid marketing strategy should always set a series of clear, measurable and tangible short-term objectives.

There is no need to impose impossible goals.  as simple as reaching a specific number of followers on a social network is much more tangible, achievable and understandable than a vague “gain visibility.”

Not knowing the target audience

Another common mistake made in digital marketing is not really knowing a brand’s target audience. This is essential to be able to develop campaigns that fit this audience, that adapt in terms of form and content to achieve the desired reach and success.

Again, there are many tools that allow you to Afghanistan Phone Number List know the trends, tastes and needs of your target audience. What’s more, it is essential to do so and segment this audience into smaller groups of users in order to better fine-tune the strategies for each of them. Although we will talk about this in more detail in a later section.

Not measuring or analyzing results

All the metrics in the world of marketing are there to set objectives, but also to analyse results . ng, or even to detect possible problems that need to be changed.

This is something that is always present in the planning, execution and development of any digital marketing strategy. Not doing so is a fundamental error, since there is no clear reference to know if everything should remain as it was or if, on the contrary, there are possible changes that help to further promote the initiatives launched.


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