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For introverts in the workplace!
post by Chloe Chan
by Chloe Chan

Mar 9, 2023 Posted at 9:12 AM
Special author: Dan Xin


My first job was as a headhunter. I don’t know what went wrong with my brain, but I applied for this position without thinking. I am famous for being shy and introverted. At the age of 24, I would still automatically hide behind my friends when I met strangers, and I was so shy that I couldn’t say a word.

After nearly 5 years of working, I have slowly figured out some tips for introverts to survive in the workplace. I want to share this because a few days ago, when several colleagues learned that I was introverted in my workplace psychology test, they were so surprised that they were speechless. They said that there are always endless topics to talk about with you, and you can’t tell.

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That’s because I have four secrets. In order to overcome my introverted personality in the workplace, I read a lot of books and articles, and finally came to the following conclusions:


1. Learn to store energy

I arrive at the office 30 minutes Brazil Phone Number List early every day, leisurely make a cup of coffee, and then read emails in silence. After I am full of energy, I step out of my little nest and smile to the world. As I work in an open office, I need to have my own me time before the day starts. Only after I have a good rest can I have the ability to talk to different people.

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Practice, practice, practice

But to develop the ability to speak Afghanistan Phone Number List to people in a way that is human and to speak to ghosts in a way that is not human, you still need to practice constantly. I am very grateful to my first boss, who couldn’t stand my shyness and decided to let me go to a career fair to hone my skills. At that time, he gave me a homework: collect 15 business cards of recruiters from different companies before the end of the first day.

I was stunned when I found out. Although I am shy, I am extremely competitive. I watched a lot of Youtube videos in the previous few nights, and then read a lot of articles that taught us how to start a conversation with strangers. I exaggerated and forced myself to memorize a lot of lines. The next morning, I hypnotized myself and flew around the venue. At the beginning, my opening remarks to everyone were the same, with a slightly trembling voice and stiff limbs. By the evening, I had a natural smile that had improved a little, and my voice was no longer trembling.



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