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You Already Have The Qualification

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You Already Have The Qualification

SEO It gives you improvement information so that your website appears in the first places of search. Indexing permissions: In order for Google to find your web page, you need to provide indexing permissions. Website Grader evaluates that this process has been fulfilled to work on web positioning. Meta Descriptions: These are the descriptive snippets that appear in search results. When they are optimized, they help the readers to identify if the content is useful for them or not. This web page evaluator rates the quality of the meta description of your web page.

Content plugins : content plugins are a piece of code to improve the user experience when visiting a web page, but they are not always readable by search engines. Website Grader informs you if this situation occurs on your website. Descriptive text of links: this web page evaluator France B2B List you to identify if the descriptive texts of the links are viable for search positioning. mobile design The detailed report of this web page evaluator includes 3 points for improvement: Font size

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It makes sure that visitors do not have difficulties when reading your texts from mobile devices. At least 12px is recommended. Interactive elements: evaluate that the touch objectives on mobile devices are friendly to the user, that they know where they can click and that there is a response from the web page. Responsive design: it gives you results of the adaptability of your website design on mobile devices. Security Users of your website expect their browsing to be safe. So, get your website’s security rating going beyond the SSL certificate

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Evaluate the security and encryption in the data exchange of your website. Security of JavaScript libraries: Rate whether your website uses the most up-to-date versions of JavaScript libraries. Otherwise, your website unexpectedly. Make sure you optimize for the precise features your website needs. Know the good, the bad and the worst of your website with this web page rater. Your website the best cover letter for your company because. Clearly present your products or services to your potential customers. Reduces the consultation time on the problems that can be Facilitate contact with prospects and customers.

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According to a study by Brightlocal in 2020, 93% of people search the internet to find providers of products and services , so it is important that you appear in search results! If, the demand that currently exists left to your competition. To improve it is necessary that you identify the areas of opportunity and problems that your website has in order to correct them and improve your rankings in Google. Identifying that you have a problem is the first step to accelerating your business (higher ranking means more visitors to your website, more visitors translates to more leads