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Illustrator Art Work Written With a Specific Person in Mind

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Illustrator Art Work Written With a Specific Person in Mind

Like, Oh, that site over there is bigger than mine and they write it better than me. Stefanie Flaxman: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Darrell Vesterfelt: Well, stop thinking about yourself and reframe yourself and think about what your Illustrator Art Work customer needs. And then you can think of the second step is how I can uniquely solve this. “The next step is to know how to solve this problem differently from a competitor. But Illustrator Art Work if you confuse these two things and you do the first step before the second step and think about your uniqueness first, you get stuck very easily. Stefanie Flaxman: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Darrell Vesterfelt: You don’t know how to create compelling content, differentiated content that is compelling.


And of Course, Illustrator Art Work That’s Not Convincing,

Because I thought of myself first, not the customer first. Stefanie Flaxman: Right, right, right. And it’s natural. It’s just something that happens because I know exactly that feeling. If I want to be open to receiving the idea I Illustrator Art Work need for something I write, I need to focus on how I want to serve. I am not a great writer. Darrell Vesterfelt: Yeah. Stefanie Flaxman: Can I tease our upcoming free training, because something that I’m talking about, or it’s something that Illustrator Art Work I’m going to talk about is the worst thing you can do, and it really speaks to what you’re saying, that’s to try to sit down and write something good. It’s the fastest way to get frustrated and write bad content when you sit down and say, “I need to write something good.”

Illustrator Art Work

And I Have Techniques Illustrator Art Work to Circumvent That.

So can I talk about the free training? Darrell Vesterfelt: Yes. Please. You’re welcome. Stefanie Flaxman: So on Wednesday, March 18, I’m teaching a free Illustrator Art Work training on turning your writing into content that gets shared. And it’s similar to what Darrell Vesterfelt Vesterfeltand Illustrator Art Work I’m talking about, because a lot of people work really hard on content and it’s not that they don’t put in the effort. And it’s not that they don’t do a good job or not that they’re trying to be a good writer, but there are so many