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With renewed strength

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With renewed strength

Whenever Christmas ends I find myself with mixed feelings.

On the one hand the feeling is one of joy. They have been days of enjoying family, friends, time for myself, which is usually quite scarce.

I have enjoyed the network and it is not that I do not enjoy daily, it is simply that the hours invested have been relaxed, parking the work for a few days.

I have reconnected UK Mobile Database with friends 1.0 of always, from Twitter or Facebook with whom I had not spoken for months, that is the magic of Christmas and friendship, because a friend is one that even if you do not see him often, when you meet again he is as if time had not passed.

I have walked through Madrid, enjoying at every step places that I had not visited for a long time and discovering places that, even living here all my life, I did not know.

with renewed strength

But this period also makes you remember those people who are no longer there, see how quickly life goes by, how your children have grown up …

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Yesterday while we were watching the Parade, we remembered together those Three Kings mornings when they jumped with their tiny feet in pajamas, threw themselves on our bed and encouraged us to get up, with that emotion that only the little ones feel, but that they are capable of transmitting to grown ups.

The corridor seemed immense, flooded with arrows and drawings that his father left as signs of the passing of the Kings, dozens of balloons scattered around the house and the most funny candies, coming out of the socks of the fireplace.

A plate of caramel charcoal always adorned the huge gift packages, so they would never forget to be good the rest of the year.

Their faces, their expressions, their kisses, their hugs… it is an unforgettable feeling that nothing in the world can match.

Today we close Christmas, we say goodbye until next year.

We will save the decorations and take out our papers again, preparing our clothes to start Brother Cell Phone List a new stage.

It has been just a parenthesis, just a few endearing days, but one that always invites us to reflect.

Tomorrow we will return with renewed strength, we will resume our projects, we will inject adrenaline again into the day, because the best of all is to have been able to celebrate Christmas together one more year.

We have charged our hearts with affection and feelings and that is the best fuel for the gear to work again.