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Banner Design Why Your Writing Should Be Clear

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Banner Design Why Your Writing Should Be Clear

That brings me to the second point to understand that the customer understands the problem they have that they are willing to pay for. Right? Stefanie Flaxman: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Mm-hmm (affirmative). Darrell Banner Design Vesterfelt: So I think you learned that. In this example, this story you learned like “Hey, I want to be different personally.” And at that time, you were only thinking of yourself. You weren’t thinking of Banner Design your client. Stefanie Flaxman: Exactly. Darrell Vesterfelt: What they might want and what they might need. And then you had this humbling experience of saying, “Actually, maybe I’m thinking about myself and how.


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But what I really need to do is figure out what my client is requires. The problem they have. The problem they have and are willing to pay for. And what you Banner Design found out is that they needed a writer and an editor, not just an editor. Stefanie Flaxman: Correct. Yeah. Darrell Vesterfelt: Banner Design Yeah. Stefanie Flaxman: I thought of myself. Exactly. And I think it’s so natural. Even when you have a lot of experience, I think it can still happen. I wouldn’t leave that out today if I had a new idea. Because it’s so easy to get carried away, that’s how I want to be seen,” and “that’s how I want to be portrayed,” and “that’s what I want to do.”

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Wanting to know what people are actually willing to pay for, as you said. Darrell Vesterfelt: So here’s a theory I have. I have a theory that when you feel stuck in writing, it’s because you’re thinking about yourself and not Banner Design thinking about your client. Stefanie Flaxman: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Darrell Vesterfelt: and I think that is often the Banner Design case. Because what often happens when people feel stuck is like, “Well, I don’t know what to write about.” Or: “Someone else says that better than me.” All those excuses that come up, they’re usually fear-based excuses and they’re usually for why you’re not as good as someone else.