Why is your salary lower than others? It’s because you don’t dare to ask for it! If you want to negotiate a good salary during an interview, you must do these 3 things!

Some people have abilities and advantages, but their salaries are much lower than those of their colleagues at the same level. Why is this?

Many people say that the salary increase after job-hopping is generally higher than staying in the original company. Some people have been promoted from junior staff to management level through job-hopping, but why is the salary still lower than the market?


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This is because they don’t dare to ask for it and are too embarrassed to speak up for it . They just accept whatever the other party says. They have no Romania Phone Number List clear concept at all and as long as it is higher than the salary in their original company, they will accept it.

The best time to negotiate salary is during the interview. If you want to successfully pass the interview and fight for a higher salary, you must do these 3 things .

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1. First, understand the salary situation of the company you are applying for and the average salary range of the industry in the market


This is the most important point. Many people are eager to find a job and a place to stay or a job-hopping opportunity, so they send out resumes Greece Phone Number List without understanding the company’s job situation. After receiving the interview opportunity, they. I did not do enough homework to understand the salary range that the company c. Ian offer, let alone market research. Therefore, they become the passive party during the interview, and whatever the other party says is what they will accept as long as there is a salary increase. It was not until they joined. OL the company that they found that they were receiving a low salary but had to shoulder many res/ . Iponsibilities, and then they regretted it.


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