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Why Is Seo Important For Your Company

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Why Is Seo Important For Your Company

Google replies: “ahhh, yes, look, well, I know the Julieta bakery, the Rosita bakery, the Orejuela bakery… and I just found a bakery near you, but it’s okay, it’s new, it’s Juan Camaney’s bakery”. Did you notice what happened? -Obviously very, very exaggerated- what happened is that you provided relevant and valuable information to Google so that it could provide it to whoever was looking for that product. Although, you were not -yet- his first choice. That is SEO on page. And now, on to the off page SEO aspect .

Imagine that the bread you produce in your business is really excellent, but you are new to the neighborhood so nobody knows. So you decide to prepare small baskets with a selection of your best bread and you are going to introduce yourself to the owners of nearby businesses. You tell Saint Lucia B2B List who you are, you explain how much your business has cost you, you thank them for having you and you give them a basket. You tell them that if they like your bread, they will allow you to have a small poster of your bakery in their business so that their customers can get to know you.

So The Difference Between Doing Seo

It turns out that you have a good bread so they let you place it. You have done your homework well, you have moved and have managed to leave several posters of yours in recognized businesses in the area. And it turns out that all of those businesses are regularly visited by Google to see what’s new. et voila! They have a poster again with a reference to your bakery! Google thinks: “mmm, surely this bakery is very good because it is being by many reputable and businesses” So the next time someone asks


Google where they sell ham and cheese vol-au-vents, you’ll probably be among the first businesses they mention. That is SEO off page Classification of SEO techniques: Black Hat and White Hat SEO techniques: white hat SEO and black hat SEO This classification is based on whether or not you follow the recommendations of the search engines. And although it is regularly into black hat SEO and white hat SEO. There are also those who make up gray hat SEO. Black Hat SEO:

Website Or That Of Your Competition

Bases its efforts on seeking to improve the positioning of a web page through techniques. That go against the guidelines of the search engine and some of them are even unethical. These techniques may include cloaking, keyword spamming, hidden text, backdoors, link trading/selling, forum and blog spamming, link farms, PBNs. By using optimization techniques that search engines -and that are even-, black hat SEO is one of the riskiest paths and just as you can reach the destination sooner -and easier-, also the ranking of your page may get messed up along the way.