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Why Businesses Need a Solution For Outlook Email Archiving

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Why Businesses Need a Solution For Outlook Email Archiving

Ranging from business compliance to the performance of Outlook itself there are many reasons why in today’s world a company needs to look for a successful Outlook email archiving solution. Congo Email List There are a number of issues that businesses face with regards to email archiving and compliance below this article focuses on the

more critical issues and some of the solutions to these problems. Whilst this article is focusing predominantly on businesses that use the Outlook and Microsoft Exchange systems much of what is discussed will be relevant to all businesses, particularly in the US and the UK.

Research has shown that the average worker can spend up to 90 minutes of every workday managing their mailboxes and performing archiving and data management tasks. This leads to loss of productivity to the entire business. Aside from the productivity issues most Exchange servers are only set to backup

information once per day, meaning that any emails that have been deleted through the course of a day are not archived this can also be said to the auto archiving feature that Outlook has. Also due to the way that the auto-archive feature works, finding a specific email that has been archived is incredibly laborious and time consuming.