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Why Are Some Pioneer Users, Politicians and Executives Starting to Abandon

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Why Are Some Pioneer Users, Politicians and Executives Starting to Abandon

Answering this question with a single answer would be practically impossible.
Reasons for leaving any network can be many, but in the case of Twitter the issue is complicated, since its immediacy and intensity causes from an addiction difficult to control, to demotivation, when one feels attacked or sees how sometimes there is a Ukraine Mobile Database important of respect towards people and / or companies.
Twitter is capable of giving you the greatest joys, but also the greatest dislikes.
If by chance you screw up, if your party has made an unpopular decision or if a Community Manager has a silly day and shares a personal opinion on a brand’s account, get ready, the common user will be slaughtered and the screenshots and hashtags will not wait.
shut up twitter
Of course Twitter is not a network to use, it is a medium that requires temperance, left hand, endurance and above all time and common sense.

Many times among Communication, Marketing and Social Media professionals we comment on how this network has changed in the last four years, but it is not the network that has changed, if not the logical evolution that occurs in any medium when it becomes massive.
This has its good things, since growth has allowed us all to advance, to have the media as an essential part, that our work is taken seriously, share our knowledge and learn from other professionals, connect with people who are difficult to we would have known otherwise, but it has also lost the spontaneity and charm of the beginning, when good vibes were the common denominator of conversations and you could connect with almost any user, renowned politicians and journalists, as if they were your friends from lifetime.
Many are the friends I met on this network in 2009 who no longer tweet today, despite having been extremely active at the time.
And as for politicians and managers, we could start Brother Cell Phone List to make a list. The accounts are not canceled, they have simply stopped Tweeting, so maybe one day, they will use the platform again.
In March Elena Valenciano left the network, the threats reached her family José Antonio Monago closed his account when he was lynched for publishing the results of a game on his Twitter account that, on the other hand, had cost the Minister annoyance Fátima Bañez weeks before In October Jordi Sevilla said goodbye to the network , after an exchange of unfortunate tweets with the mayor of Jun Now it is Marcos de Quinto

Jose antonio monago

who surprises us with his decision, I suppose matured, since Marcos was an extremely active tweeter, capable of giving his personal opinion on corporate decisions as in the case of Telefónica, defending advertising in certain controversial TV programs, or entering battles for Catalan nationalism.
So much intensity I suppose that it has taken its toll, I do not mean professionally (which perhaps also, but I do not know it), if not personally, because if there is something that Twitter takes away from us, it is time, a precious time spent with family, time to be with friends, ultimately time to live. So let’s learn the lesson, Twitter is a fantastic medium, network or tool, if we consider this principle: Use Twitter for what it is: I

nfo rmed, Learn, Share and Connect.
Let’s not get heated with absurd polemics that ignite our blood, let’s bring the contacts that are really worthwhile to the “analog” life because they will keep us growing, but above all, let’s not lose the north and learn to manage our way of being and our time in network.