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What Spoils a Call Center Is Fixed by a Community Manager

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What Spoils a Call Center Is Fixed by a Community Manager

Many brands have not yet realized that having a poor customer service call center can cost them dearly.
Perhaps outsourcing the service or taking it thousands of kilometers may be cheaper in principle, but it is more than proven that the telephone service of a brand, especially South-Africa Mobile Database when it comes to a claim or a problem with a customer, cannot be managed in the distance and following a manual where the answers, although issued by people, are robotized and are also not capable of providing solutions, creating serious damage to the consumer.
At Worten Appliances, they have shown that going to their call center with an important after-sales service incident not only does not solve the problem generated by a seller’s error, but also ends up making the consumer more angry, while a single message complaint on Twitter (with 17 RT’s and interactions between tweeters) has managed to solve it. The quick and efficient intervention of the Community Manager of Worten Spain @WortenEs (it took only 5 minutes to respond), has prevented a possible reputation crisis from being created, managing to solve a problem in 4 hours that in 24 hours and four claim calls the call center (902) have been unable to manage.

Once the Community Manager has taken action, not only has a lovely person contacted by phone from customer service in Spain, but they also provide you with a local phone number in case you want to reconnect with them without having to use 902, detail Brother Cell Phone List that in the call center they also ignored, despite having spoken with them on repeated occasions.
This demonstrates once again the importance of good customer service and the effectiveness of Social Networks when behind the profiles there is a professional who knows how to do their job and there is also a coordinated team behind the Community Manager who responds and solves the incidents.