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What Is Seo About?

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What Is Seo About?

If visitors to your page came believing that you sell state-of-the-art computers when in fact on your page you sell tours to Alaska, that is not quality traffic. Instead of attracting visitors who are really interested in your services and products, you are attracting the wrong traffic that as it enters, it leaves. amount of traffic Once you’ve gotten the right people to click through to the SERPS (search engine results), the more traffic, the better. Organic results. SEO focuses on traffic for which you do not have to pay. There are paid ads in almost all search engines, which occupy a significant part of the SERPS (screenshot in google).

Organic traffic is the one that comes from the SERPS and that you are not paying for. Organic SEO results example How has SEO evolved? In 1945, scientists were urged to work together to create a way Saint Kitts and Nevis B2B List bring together all the knowledge of humanity and for humanity. The “scientific camaraderie”, a side effect of World War II gave rise to hypertext. From there, new models and advances began to be created, such as the ARPANET – the network that finally led us to the Internet and it is

How Has Seo Evolved?

Tim Burners Lee who created the www (world wide web), the first server in Next and the first web page. You have to ask, what does all this have to do with SEO? With the first pages arises the need for organization, create directories where they could be grouped and find all that information on the web. That is why the first search engines were actually more directories than actually search engines. In turn, when the first search engines emerged, people realized that they could use web pages to earn money.

But first they had to drive traffic to their websites. That is precisely where SEO was born in a very primitive way , since the search engine algorithms. Were still very little developed. Many people associate SEO with Google. But SEO was actually born much earlier, with the first search engines like Lycos. WebCrawler, Altavista and the old Yahoo. In their early years, search engines were quite primitive. And took into account on-page optimization factors such as the url, keywords.

Seo Is Classified Into On Page And Off Page

Meta description, but spam was also born almost along with the search engines. In such a way that some filled the title, meta description and other elements with keywords. It was Google who decided to introduce an additional factor: links. Although until today spam-type links are created, Google has been improving its algorithms by leaps and bounds. Today, things have changed. Now, with advances in semantic search and the ability of search engines to learn. A page can rank for many related keywords, not just the ones it was initially optimized for.