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What Is A Facebook Advertising Account

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What Is A Facebook Advertising Account

What is a Facebook Advertising Account? Leave a Comment / Digital Marketing / By Adriana Salinas We believe it is essential to establish what a Facebook advertising account is , because this social network is the largest and most important. Although it was created for another purpose, Facebook has had unparalleled growth and has managed to position itself. Currently, it is the social network with the largest number of active users. Which are people who usually share content of interest and seek to relate to others.

Due to this, every brand must implement Facebook within its Digital Marketing strategy. In order to reach and create a solid link with your target audience. Next, we will establish the definition of Venezuela B2B List ad account and the benefits of having one. Remember that it is necessary to implement this social network within your digital marketing actions since it is the most used. What is an ad account? facebook ad account Ad accounts are created at the time of placing an ad on Facebook.

What Is An Ad Account?

That is, to have one you must have an established payment method. The advertising account is a platform created by Facebook to manage your payments in an organized way . An ad account will help you carry out your marketing strategies efficiently. Likewise, you can manage more than one fanpage in one place. All this is linked to the creation of ads from Facebook Ads Manager. In addition, an advertising account allows you to manage the following assets:


Advertisements Target audiences Catalogs events Reports Billing Important things to establish before creating ads in an ad account Before creating an advertising account, you must establish several key points , since without them the strategies you implement will not work . Likewise, without these points the actions will not be based on any information and will not have an end. Because of this, we will mention what you need to define before using your advertising account.

Important Things To Establish

We emphasize the fact of defining the points mentioned in order to position your brand in the social network. Ad ad in facebook ad account It is a paid advertising campaign on Facebook that has the purpose of informing about your service, product or brand. You can choose the video or images format, as well as different locations in sections of Facebook. You can also run the ad in real time or schedule it to run later. In Facebook Ads Manager you can create ad campaigns, ad sets or ads.