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What can small businesses do during the Christmas season?

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What can small businesses do during the Christmas season?

The Christmas season is not an exclusive event that only large commercial chains can join, small businesses also have different opportunities to generate efforts that boost their business to the next level, especially in Mexico where, according to government data, until 2016 there were 4,048,543 SMEs. According to Forbes, they contribute up to 52 percent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product and are Turkey Mobile Database constantly looking for innovative ways to grow. One of those ways is undoubtedly adding to the seasonality of each year. For this reason, it is convenient to know what actions can be used, together with the different continuous improvements of processes. Especially within digital marketing, considering the practically zero budget they require, as is the case with emails or social networks.

Among these actions we find:

Promotional calendar

To begin with, you must define what are the promotions or offers that will be launched on the market throughout the season, considering relevant dates such as Good End or Cyber ​​Monday. As is well known, scheduling is extremely useful to anticipate and have everything prepared.

Image update

Turkey Mobile Database

Part of joining seasonal marketing has to do with the image of the company, both digitally and outside of it. For channels such as email, social networks or the website, it is highly recommended to adapt a festive image that does not break with the identity of the brand in question.


Sending promotions and offers through the channels that the business has is certainly a good thing, but it can be better when segmentation is used. Creating messages that are segmented improves the relevance and engagement of the content that is shared with people through different digital platforms.

Contact with clients

Communicating with customers is another very useful action in these seasons, especially when appreciation for them is shown through discounts, offers or exclusive content or simply personalized messages that reinforce loyalty. Of course, the contact must also be relevant to share recommendations or policies regarding the promotions that are launched.

Time optimization

Finally, it is important to take good advantage of the Brother Cell Phone List times to generate marketing efforts at this time. In the first instance because of the number of messages that other companies also launch. For companies, it should be essential to know the moments in which their messages have the greatest impact on their audience and customers in order to gain greater relevance in the face of potential competitors or external elements.

Undoubtedly the digital world and seasonal marketing represent various growth opportunities in various senses such as sales, leads or customers. You just have to know the activities that can be developed and applied to the business.