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Compare it, for example, with a license plate. The license plate itself doesn’t say much. But as soon as you know whose name it is, that license Oman Phone Number plate has also become personal data. It is then no longer just a number, but you know who the number belongs to. Following IAB, a TC String is not personal data, as it is just a string of characters. The Belgian Data Protection Authority therefore thinks otherwise, because of the link to the IP address and a cookie.

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Sometimes it is indeed a balancing of interests, in which you weigh the privacy interests against the marketing interests. Sometimes it is possible to process personal data for marketing on this basis. This required permission.This is rarely the homepage and usually a ‘deeper’ product page. Performance Max gets more impressions. Much more is used on Display and Video, which means that there are many more impressions. As mentioned, Performance Max itself extends traffic to YouTube. If you don’t have a video, it will be made for you.

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Anyone who used IAB must delete data IAB was fined €250,000 and is no longer allowed to operate in this way. IAB will appeal against this. But in the meantime, data collected by advertisers who used the IAB services must destroy all personal data they have processed, because they have obtained it illegally. For the time being, websites cannot use the IAB cookie pop-up.Google has been busy developing Google Ads in recent years. The common thread in these changes: machine learning, or the Google algorithm. A new feature is Performance Max.