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Twitter is not child’s play

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Twitter is not child’s play

Since its inception, Twitter has had netiquette rules (unofficial), which in general all users respected.
With the massive arrival of users and the progress made in these years, little by little we have been seeing how in some cases, the good roll was lost, disrespect, insults and threats arrived that, in many cases, has caused the suspension of user accounts and even complaints and fines. But the most striking thing is that the brands throughout this year have been contagious, stepping Australia Mobile Database on a thin red line that separates the close, cordial and striking, with the loss of roles.

It is true that schemes have been broken with the communication of Mediamark or in its day of Vodafone, pioneers in these struggles, or Police that has achieved its objective: to have a very broad faithful community that follows, admires, helps and also, in many cases, they have achieved a positive change of vision about the Body. But now the parties are also coming with their jokes and, if we continue like this, it will be the politicians who end up playing “you take her away” or throwing “the stuff at their heads” without any shame. Until now the communication between politicians has been correct, debating of course, because each one has to defend their ideas, but never losing the most important thing, which is respect for others.

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It all starts with something unimportant, like comparing certain politicians with cartoon characters and of course the reply of the opposite, because “in the face of an affront, we are not going to remain silent.”
Seen with simplicity, it does not go beyond the pure witty and funny anecdote, a good time spent by the followers of each game, but if we continue to advance along this path, it may be the beginning of a lack of respect and loss of roles between games.
It is one thing that the memes are made by citizens and another thing is that they are caused by the same parties, although this time it seemed like a funny thing to all of us.

The PP responds to Podemos with comparison of the Simpsons

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A casual and funny way to congratulate the contrary, yes, but the social environment is not for jokes, you just have to read the tweets that emerged Brother Cell Phone List as a result of these updates.
Politicians, parties, brands and institutions listen to us, communication on Twitter is not child’s play.