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Your boss is emotional, loses his temper easily, or even scolds people in public. As an employee, are you at a loss? Some people will seize the opportunity to show themselves when no one dares to act rashly. How do they resolve the embarrassment?


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1. Keep calm and think from other people’s perspective

It is not smart to talk back to your boss in public when he loses his temper or to go back to your seat and cry silently afterwards. you are incapable of accomplishing great things and that you have a fragile heart.

When encountering this situation, you can put Turkey Phone Number List yourself in the boss’s shoes. The boss is also under pressure and needs a channel to vent his emotions. Smart people will listen first and then take this opportunity to get into the boss’s heart.

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 Listen before offering solutions

Listening is one of the ommunication skills. After listening, we can understand the root cause of the boss’s temper, whether it is due to poor performance, company team problems or other factors. When we can find the reason why the boss loses his temper, we can provide solutions to the problem, let the boss feel that we understand his pressure and want to solve the problem with him, and show that we are reliable and patient.


3. Be proactive in reporting

Usually, you should take the initiative to report the progress of your work, including problems, breakthroughs, etc., so that your boss can know the Albania Phone Number List whole story. In this way, your boss will have a greater sense of control. In addition to building a closer relationship with your boss, you can also establish an image of being efficient, organized and reliable.


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