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Employees follow their boss’ instructions. Some people often rely on their seniority to order their colleagues to do things. They are embarrassed to argue with their boss but don’t know how to refuse. Here are a few solutions for you. You can choose the method that suits you according to your personality.


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After the other party makes a request to you, you can make a request of equal magnitude to him. For example, if a colleague asks you to help check a document, you can tell him that you also have a document to check, and it will be easier to find problems with one more person to help check. Over time, the other party will no longer ask you to help complete his work.


2. Do not refute or respond

When a colleague asks you to help with something, don’t argue or respond. Just listen to what the other person says and then continue Canada Phone Number List with your own work. After all, it is the company that pays you, and everyone has a limited time to complete their own tasks. It would be bad if you delay your own progress in order to help others.

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 Tell the other person you are not available

If the other party knows that  you are not available Afghanistan Phone Number List but still asks you to do something, you should agree to it first but finish the task at hand before doing it. relatively small things, such as helping to copy documents, running errands, etc.

When a colleague asks you to help copy documents, you let him know that he needs to finish what he is doing before he can deal with it. If he can’t wait, he will do it himself.


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