The worst Haidilao I have ever eaten

Haidilao has always been famous for its considerate service and delicious hotpot dishes! Since the first Haidilao opened in Malaysia, there has always been a long queue, and the number of reservations has been booked until June!


A few days ago, a netizen tried Haidilao in Singapore and Sunway Pyramid. Not only was she extremely disappointed with Haidilao in Malaysia, she also threatened that she would never go to Sunway Haidilao again! What is the difference between the two Haidilao? Why did this netizen get so angry?


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Snacks and drinks


I believe everyone knows that there are unlimited snacks and drinks while waiting in the Haidilao queue area! Haidilao in Singapore has many different kinds of ice cream and snacks for everyone to eat, but Haidilao in Sunway Pyramid only has 2 flavors of ice cream, and the popcorn is leaky. The snacks and drinks are not as good as they expected.


2. Services


As we all know, Haidilao’s service is always excellent. Once the waiter takes you to your seat, you basically don’t need to leave your seat. The waiter will help you one by one. In Singapore, the waiter will prepare all the soup ingredients for you to choose, but the Sunway Pyramid branch requires you to serve yourself. Compared with the service attitude in other branches, the netizen was also very surprised.


3. Gifts/Premiums


Toys, snacks, hair bands, etc. are all gifts given by Haidilao to customers! Haidilao in Singapore not only gives toys to children, but also gives a set of newborn gift boxes to pregnant women. Although the Sunway Pyramid branch also gives stewed eggs to Taiwan Phone Number List children, there is still a big difference in the treatment given before and after. (It is said that stewed eggs are not delicious either XD)

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Differences in hot pot dishes


Haidilao is most famous for its shrimp balls, pig brains and handmade noodles. Friends who have eaten Haidilao think they are very delicious! Although Afghanistan Phone Number List I don’t know if it’s because all the ingredients are sold out, Haidilao in Sunway Pyramid not only doesn’t have pig brains and handmade noodles, but even the shrimp balls are not as delicious as those in other branches.






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