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The Recommendation is to Always Configure

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The Recommendation is to Always Configure

Among the ten most followed profiles on twitter, according to twittercounter , seven are celebrities (eight if we count barack obama as a pop celebrity) – youtube and instagram are left in this list of the top ten profiles. In the case of the top ten facebook profiles, six are media celebrities. Celebrities are hostage to their own success. Big celebrities like justin bieber, who in addition to appearing “out of nowhere” and reaching the top of success in such a short time, and even for being so young, can’t always support what they created themselves.

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People like that weren’t created like us, normal people and so they don’t reflect who we are. As we are not famous and they [the famous] have everything we would like to have, we live idolizing them Australia Physiotherapist Email Lists and many want to be those celebrities. The result of this is that famous people end up serving as role models for many people and let’s face it, almost no celebrity is really an example of a human being. It is in the background of this reality that concerns about the image that celebrities are passing on to “normal people” arise, but people may have already found a solution to this.

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In japan (yes, that side of the world is already in the future, literally). There’s already a celebrity who was never physically born. But lives on the computers of each of his fans. Hatsune miku is a name given to the “avatar”, a character of a girl who. Sings and has a hologram show. It seems unbelievable. But hatsune is a success on that side of the. World and conquers a lot of people on our side of the planet. This character’s name means in japanese “sound of the future”. And maybe it is. Bieber-hatsune the “voice of the future” is nothing. More than a program that synthesizes the human voice. And you canbuy this voice by purchasing vocaloid 3 .