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The New Is Here With the Look of Each Background

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The New Is Here With the Look of Each Background

Two weeks ago, from @Twitter_es they informed users about the new design of user profiles.
Well indeed the new design is here and we found a few changes.

The top navigation band now appears cleaner.
On the left we will find Home, Connect, Discover and Account as before, but our cover image is no longer central, appearing on the left and tweets on the right.

Under our cover, the most prominent tweets, followers and followed are now shown, they have increased the size, rounding and abbreviating the figures.

The recommendations and trends will continue to appear Sri-Lanka Mobile Database on the right, but this time under our image, but curiously we will also see them highlighted in the rest of the tabs. In this way, in advertising, the user can be exposed more times to the promoted accounts and trends and thus clicks will increase.

If we enter “Account”, everything remains the same, although the figures continue to be highlighted, it is as if they wanted to give it more importance by highlighting it.

Now when sharing, we will see an update in the color of the background that they have assigned us (in my case purple and lilac because I have the background configured like this *), if we use buffer, the button appears in different colors.

And when responding to the mentions, the button to send the tweet also appears larger and in the color of our background, being personalized for each profile.

We will also find Brother Cell Phone List these new colors in Direct Messages

If we start a tweet from another profile, the color will change according to the color assigned to each user.

Finally the links, which in the same way are of different colors for each profile

A few changes that undoubtedly give more freshness to the platform.

  • If you want to change the colors of your profile, you just have to go to Configuration / Design / Link Color, select the color you like and confirm.