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The most popular mistakes on Twitter 2014

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The most popular mistakes on Twitter 2014

Being in charge of a large brand, or managing the profiles of politicians, celebrities, parties, the media or Institutions, is not an easy task.
Still in many cases, the importance of hiring a good Community Manager is not really given and, on some occasions, having unqualified Algeria Mobile Database people ends up taking a toll, but it is also true that no matter how prepared you are, there are times in which a small failure, a mistake, a momentary heat, or simply the rush, can play very bad tricks.
This year we have lived epic days, where I imagine the stress generated in the poor Community Manager and the entire Social Media department because, network crises, you have to experience them in the first person to really know what it feels like and notice how the heart feels accelerates and we run out of breath.
But let’s see some memorable cases of 2014:
Gil Stauffer was covered with glory with their answers out of tune, demonstrating their knowledge is lacking and left hand in communication with users “go daddy go” If all we have to contrast the news Before publishing them, for the media it becomes essential. Your credibility is at stake and, this year, we are left with several pearls
Gil Stauffer reputation crisis

Algeria Mobile Database

ABC’s blunder on Twitter
The use of hashtags is essential, but if we do not pay attention when selecting them (Twitter offers us a selection by default when we start to write a hashtag), we can get into a big mess Before giving a news of reach in Networks, we must be totally convinced of its veracity and as Luis Serrano points out “It is a matter of time before a tweet can cause an increased catastrophe” There are brands that a single tweet has aroused the hatred of some users. Some have used inappropriate words, which may remain misplaced Calculation errors can cost us dearly And if we manage the accounts ourselves, we have to think twice before pressing “Enter” no matter how much our bodies ask.
EFE publishes #RajoyMariquita on Twitter

Canary Islands 112 plane crash
Blunder plane canary accident

Canary plane accident AENA

Ariel machismo

High flights Red Bull Alvaro Bultó

PP miscalculates on Twitter

Iker Casillas loses his temper on Twitter
Some said they were leaving, to avoid what was coming, but when everything calmed down … they returned.
In the end they have realized that they cannot live without Twitter.
Marcos de Quinto leaves TwitterAnd let’s never forget that, even if mistakes are not made online Brother Cell Phone List, they can be TT

To err is human and no one is free to “screw up” on occasion, so let’s not be too severe, because tomorrow it could happen to us.