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The More Content You Publish

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The More Content You Publish

Which involves many other factors besides the simple use of a term in the content. Therefore, the keywords serve to guide the positioning, but they are not the only ones responsible for the success of SEO. “Meta descriptions are a ranking factor” The meta description is responsible for presenting a small summary of the content once someone performs a search in the search engine. It is a decisive factor when it comes to winning clicks, since it helps improve the user experience, demonstrating in a few characters that the content has enough to solve their problem.

However, Google has already announced that meta descriptions do not affect search ranking, so forget about writing them concerned with SEO techniques and use them as an opportunity to present your content to the public. “The more content you publish, the better” Many people Spain B2B List that the constant publication of content increases the chances of indexing in the search engine and they could not be more wrong. There are very well positioned blogs that publish once a week, while those who publish every day do not even dream of the first results of Google.

The Keyword Must Be In The Domain

It happens that, during the analysis of the user’s search intention, Google takes into account the relevance of the content that. In this way, its algorithm tries to identify pages that have high quality and are sufficiently well optimized for SEO. It is important to maintain a recurring publication strategy, so that Google identifies that there is a conscious and dedicated effort to generate content, but if these are not qualified and relevant, the positions in the results pages do not come. Therefore, it reconciles the production of excellence with the frequency to achieve good results.


“The keyword must be in the domain” Many specialists still debate on this topic, in the end. Does the domain make or not the difference when positioning? Once again, Google’s concern is to offer the best solution to the user through its results. Having the keyword in the domain does not mean that the website always has the best content. Factors such as the usability of the website and. The high quality of the content influence much more than the domain. “Quality content is enough to achieve the first result” I mentioned the quality of the content a lot.

Quality Content Is Enough To Achieve The First Result

But to what extent does it influence the guarantee of the first position? Although this has become one of the most fundamental factors, SEO lives not only on quality. And it is that, to understand optimization. You must be clear that only the set of various techniques allows a good result. Among some of the on-page optimizations that we can mention are. Use of labels (H2, H3, H4…) Image optimization Responsive design friendly URLs internal links. Website loading speed Thus, it pays the same attention to both the quality. Of the content and the other factors that make up SEO. The mistakes Duplicate the content Duplicate content is nothing more than the repetition of blocks of content