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The Link Building Techniques

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The Link Building Techniques

Identify these publications and mention them politely, that you would like them to put the reference to your site. Web directories. These are websites with specific categories where you can describe the company a bit and share the url to your website. Participation in forums. It is one of the most common techniques and you should include yes or yes in your strategy. You should look for forums related to your company and participate in them. When you ask or answer, add a link to your web page. Link exchange. Sometimes, it won’t be that easy to build backlinks.

When you find a quality site, you can get in touch and make a link exchange proposal, either by placing a link between both sites, or by proposing an exchange of guest posts. Link building tiers. Perhaps Hungary B2B List is one of the most complicated link building tactics and requires a little budget, but you will be able to give your website more relevance. It is about creating three levels of blogs: in the third you will share many links to external websites and include links to the second level, in this, you will be writing articles. When you have enough content, you can start linking to your website.

Create A List Of The Pages

Create a list of the pages and terms you want to position In a linkbuilding strategy, it is recommended to work with the content of your blog, since if you start linking to a service page it could be considered SPAM and instead of moving up positions, Google can send you to the end of the search. Along with the list you created in your SEO strategy, create one with your blog articles that can help you position your services. If you do not have enough content to help you position the important pages, make a list of terms that could help you achieve it and write your articles.


Analyze the competition I recommend you make a list of the first places of the searches where you would like to position. Next, you log into an SEO tool and download the list of your incoming links. Here, you have two options: Replicate their linkbuilding strategy by creating links with the same techniques and domains as them. Analyze your backlinks and create your own list of linkbuilding opportunities. 5. Start working on the binding under the selected techniques Once you have selected the link building techniques that you will use to position your content, it is time to plan each of the links that you will place.

Analyze The Competition

It is not only about choosing the first forum, the most relevant content and using any anchor text, it is about analyzing the following aspects. Therefore, The authority of the site you will link to What content you are going to link to based on its current position, the number of searches and the relevance within your objectives. Therefore, The anchor text that you will use to link or if you will decide to place the exact url of your web page. How many followed links you have made per page. Google can see frequent linking to the same page as negative SEO