The haze has not improved what should we do

In recent days, Malaysia’s air pollution index has been getting higher and higher. The haze situation not only threatens human health, but also causes a lot of inconvenience to our daily lives. One of the things that is deeply affected is drying clothes!


Most people will take out their clothes to dry outside after washing them. However, when the haze hits, this behavior may cause skin diseases! Especially the clothes of children and people with sensitive skin should not be easily ignored!


Hang your underwear indoors to dry

In fact, it is best to hang clothes indoors to dry during the haze period, because the air circulation indoors is relatively slow, and the clothes will be Armenia Phone Number List less exposed to harmful substances in the air. Underwear should be paid special attention to avoid contact with harmful substances in the air, so it is best to hang them indoors to dry.


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Hang your clothes out when the weather is sunny

Everyone should know that the Canada Phone Number List ultraviolet rays of the sun can effectively help kill bacteria, so if you really have to put your clothes outside to dry, remember to avoid the morning when the smog is heavier. The best time to dry clothes is at noon when the sun is stronger!



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