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The First Classification Is By Phase

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The First Classification Is By Phase

If you’re not careful enough, you could end up driving unqualified traffic to your page. For example, imagine that you have a computer accessories store and one of the products that they buy the most from you are hard drives. So, you decide that you would like to rank for the keyword “clubs”, the problem is that you could end up attracting people who are looking for a place to go dancing. Or suppose you sell luxury cars and a person is looking for used cars. Surely you would not be interested in finding your page because it would not be qualified traffic. But what if you sell luxury used cars?

So a keyword like luxury used cars might be a good option to consider. In short, keywords should be as relevant (qualifying keywords) to your audience as they are to your content. To achieve qualified traffic to your site, you must understand the search needs of your audience and Haiti B2B List how they are searching for it -even to consider the variants of the keywords of interest-. Why choose a keyword? Taking into account the above, you already know that web pages contain information that a group of people (niche) is looking for.

The Second-ranking Is By Popularity Rating

This means that while writing the content of a specific page, you need to take into account the terms that those people will use in search engines to find certain information. So defining the keywords allows the right people to find the right page for their needs. And among these pages could be yours if a good keyword research was carried out. keyword ranking There is more than one classification of keywords, I will focus on two of them that I consider extremely important to understand in order to carry out effective keyword research.


The first classification is by phase of the purchase process Information search keywords The name says it all, doesn’t it? When people make this type of purchase, they are still a long, long way from the purchase. The only thing the user is doing is looking for general information to find out about a topic, product or service. It can be positive to include these types of words if you in attracting traffic from people from the first stages of the purchase process, because it implies that when they advance in the stages of the process, they can take your company into account.

Keyword Research Or Keyword Research

For example, if they search for the keyword “embroidered bag brands” Navigation keywords With this type of keywords, the searches that on finding a specific site. These types of users have already advanced a little in the purchase process and know where they can find the information, product or service they are looking for. For example, if they searched for “Michael Kors embroidered bags” transactional keywords Here, the user is already in the last stage of the conversion cycle. And related keywords tend to show a clear intention to purchase a product or service or to be much more specific and qualified.