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Services Price The Counter-Intuitive Methods

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Services Price The Counter-Intuitive Methods

Factors that go into creating real, powerful content for your website and your business. So this free training is for anyone looking to take their content to the Services Price next level to get more momentum with what they post. So it’s free, again if you’d like to join today we’d love to have you there. If you just shop-content, you can sign up here. We will reserve Services Price in your place. And also the articles on Copyblogger, if you’ve read the blog in the last week they all have ways to subscribe. So if you’re on a post, you can scroll to them and subscribe there as well. Darrell Vesterfelt: I’m so excited about this. So it’s Wednesday, March 18 at 3:00 p.m. EST, and we’ll have links in the show notes to be able to participate in that as well.


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We’ll also have recordings available for you to watch. I’m super excited about this Stefanie. So I want to recap very quickly. Because I feel like we hit some really Services Price good points, I want to make sure we wrap this conversation up a bit. So the big idea here is how do we create compelling content once the traffic hits our site? How to create content Services Price that resonates, content that builds our confidence, content that persuades and converts, all of this is great content. And what we’re talking about is understanding the customer and then writing specifically to that customer. So have an understanding of the customer.

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The younger version of yourself. We talked about the idea of ​​just experimenting, seeing what resonates and what doesn’t. And then we talked about the Services Price idea of ​​making sure you have the customer in mind first. What other thoughts do you have here on creating really compelling content, using empathy, using the customer mindset, creating Services Price content that will be shareable, the content will convert, content that will convince, that will resonate, that will keep people coming back later too? Stefanie Flaxman: The details are so important, but unfortunately it’s hard to talk about the details, because we all write for different audiences and we all have different styles.