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Spammers and Your Email Account

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Spammers and Your Email Account

Do you remember how useful email was before spam? It’s been that long that many of us don’t and we have merely accepted that when you sign up an email account you are excepting the fact that you are going to become another victim of spam

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The sending of spam or bulk mail sadly works due to the fact it is such a cheap medium to use to get a message to thousands of people at the same time. The cost of spam always lies with the receiver Belarus Email Lists as it costs time, money and resources to deal with the flood of spam mail that comes through our inbox on a daily basis; this is especially evident in the work place where numerous hours are lost while employees sort through their mail to actually read ones that are genuine.

If you don’t already have a spam filter software set up on your email account I thoroughly suggest that you do so as a

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spam filter will help to stop you becoming more of a victim of spam. A spam filter will stop spam in its track