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Small Business Email Marketing – How to Do it Right

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Small Business Email Marketing – How to Do it Right

No doubt you have heard about all the different ways you can increase your bottom line such as small business email marketing. Australia is no exception even though the small population makes direct mailing more affordable. As even the small cost of sending out flyers in cities such as Melbourne and Sydney would soon add up. Having a targeted

email list who is eager to hear from you will produce much better results and works out cheaper in the long run. In fact that’s one of the advantages small businesses have as they can build a more personal relationship with their customers. Of course just as with any other form of marketing you need to Spain Email Lists do it right to see the results you want. This means making sure your emails get delivered, are opened, any action you want is taken and they remain subscribed.

1. Sign up for an Autoresponder
If your going to do something then you need to do it right. Which is why I recommend signing up for an autoresponder service. As they have relationships with the different companies which helps to ensure your emails get delivered. Of course you can also set it up yourself on your domain. But if you get loads of spam complaints your domain will be blacklisted. Meaning little or no email you send from it will reach an inbox.

2. Make Sure Subject Line Stands Out
Once your email is in the inbox the next step is to make sure it’s opened. The easiest way of doing this is to make sure you state a benefit. For example if your having a sale make sure to mention that in the subject line.