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Slideshare opens Analytics for all users

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Slideshare opens Analytics for all users

Until now, Slideshare (the platform to share and search for documents and presentations), only showed us in each shared presentation, the views, the downloads and the “likes” since if we wanted more data we had to go to the PRO version.
The good news is that from now on, all users can have access Austria Mobile Database to the statistics of our accounts, which are very complete.
To enter, we just have to enter our account, put the cursor over our photo or avatar and select Analytics.
Then a new page will open that will indicate the total number of presentations or PDF’s that we have shared in the header.

We can perform searches of the last week, the last month, quarter, semester or year and also the entire period of activity of our account, since it was opened.
These are the metrics that we are going to find:

Total number of visits and interactions.

Austria Mobile Database

What are the contents that we have shared that have generated the most interest

Countries from where they read and consult us

It tells us where traffic to our site is generated from. This data is very interesting because we see the importance of the traffic generated by our blog. Finally, we will find the interactions received:

Shipments via email
We can also display graphics visits Brother Cell Phone List for periods and a very interesting fact, a picture with the most recent visits, where we specify very interesting data (date, location, connection, traffic sources and content displayed) we can also analyze each of our publications individually, by clicking on the bottom of the document and it will take us to the specific statistics All information can be exported for the period chosen in CVS New statistics that complement those we already use in other networks and channels, to analyze, study and take measures to continue improving our brand strategy.