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Seo For Images A Guide

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Seo For Images A Guide

how to optimize images for seo SEO for images is a set of techniques and actions focused on optimizing and improving images to appear in search results, improve their position in the rankings and improve the visibility of a web page to attract new visitors. Thus, images are super important for your web projects, be it in your blog articles or on product or service pages, not only to make them look good but to gain more visitors, prospects and sales opportunities. Why is image SEO important?

Images not only give visual context to your content but also help the user to find it. For example, if a person is looking for plastic injection equipment and you have photos of your equipment but they Germany B2B List saved on the web page as 465798.jpg and 9871354.jpg, that person will probably not be able to find your images or your website through of them. Well-optimized images are a source of good quality web visitors because they allow search engines (for example Google)

Why Is Image Seo Important?

To understand them better and have more opportunities shown when someone is looking for something similar. What basic aspects should you take into account for image optimization? I must say that there are different aspects to take into account, some more complex than others, so to start, I share with you these seven key factors that you need to take into account for the SEO of your images. Use original images using original images is important for seo Search engines can detect duplicate content and can also tell when you simply took an image from the internet and put it on your site.


The ideal is that you create your own images, be it with original photographs, with graphic design or making changes such as cuts. Composition, filters or some other on images that you have obtained from stock or free of internet rights. Images that are contextually relevant example of why image context is important for seo. The importance of image optimization is that. Google (or any other search engine) understands the relevance of said images in the content of a web page.

What Basic Aspects Should You Take

But if it’s not relevant, no matter how much you optimize it, it just won’t do you much good. For example, if you have a plastic injection equipment factory and on your website in. The available equipment section you have photographs of plastic products but not of your products. The search engine may consider it much less relevant than if the photos of the teams. Or let’s put an extreme case, imagine that for the same company. The web developer forgot to change the images and left example photos of shoes. Even if you have the other elements optimized, they will not add value to the text.