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T-Shirt Design Secrets to Overcoming Content Writer

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T-Shirt Design Secrets to Overcoming Content Writer

And I think a lot of people who are either entrepreneurs or freelancers, that’s why they do what they do. Stefanie Flaxman: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Darrell Vesterfelt: It was really meaningful to them. And so, in the T-Shirt Design only way you can work on understanding your customer is to make some assumptions. Assumption number one, that if I care, maybe there are other people who care too. So that T-Shirt Design has to be the starting hypothesis before we can start testing it. Right? Because you’re right, there’s a fear that maybe I’m the only one who cares.We’ve worked to understand her with empathy, and now we want to see the path from her perspective to better refine how we guide her through this.


I Think Fear Stops T-Shirt Design a Lot of People.

I think that’s one end of the spectrum. The other end of the spectrum just assumes that everyone cares about what I have to say, what I think, and all T-Shirt Design of my ideas. And I think that’s what you’re talking about is that there’s a danger at that end of the spectrum as well, that’s just assuming everyone thinks about it. But understanding your T-Shirt Design customer at this point, you may not have any customers, or you just got that content marketing stuff at this point. And one of the tools I use is to envision a younger version of myself. So writing content for a younger version of myself.  I had an understanding of idea X.

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So I Have a T-Shirt Design Very Clear Idea

Of ​​who my target customer might be, that’sAnd then it allows me to have empathy for myself. The easiest person to empathize with is yourself. And if I have T-Shirt Design empathy for a younger version of myself, then I’m able to create what I think is much better content, because I’m able to understand my customer, or my theoretical customer. Because I hope someone else is curious or interested in the same ideas as me. But this idea of ​​writing for a younger version of myself has been very helpful when I’m in this testing stage, this stage of understanding and testing content marketing.