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Sales Funnel To Generate Better

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Sales Funnel To Generate Better

The content marketing strategy focuses on the consumer who is usually looking for content that entertains and amuses them . If we really want them to pay attention to us, we need to focus on responding to the needs of consumers. Let’s take an example: when you enter a social network, do you search for company content or do you search for entertainment content? Without a doubt, not all users are looking for the same thing at the same time.

Therefore, you must have content that when the user is looking for information about the sector in which your company is located, they choose you to provide that information. So, to execute a good Guatemala B2B List you need to have valuable information about your target audience, so that you know what they want and offer it to them. To get to know them, you can use the different tools provided by the same digital platforms. For example,

What Are The Digital Channels You Can Use?

Facebook and Instagram give us the opportunity to analyze our users’ behavior and interaction. This way we can see which are the posts in which they have shown greater interest or which are the publications that have had the greatest number of reactions. In addition, it also tells you demographic data about your regular users, which can be segmented by age, gender, location, sentimental status, among others. These data help to know the users, however, you must add deeper data that is related to the practices.


For example, you can create a buyer persona that consists of generating a user model. That you can address in a personalized way. Define the goal of your content marketing strategy. It is extremely necessary that in any strategy you can clearly define your objectives so. That they serve as a guide during the process. Having an explicit objective marks. The path to the success of a content marketing strategy and avoids wasting your investment in time and money.

Try To Update Your Social Networks

If you are a new brand, your goal may be to generate. Brand recognition and increase traffic on your digital platforms. Whereas, if you are already a brand with a presence, you may be looking to increase conversions. In both cases, although content marketing can be used, the strategies will be different. Therefore, it is necessary to know what you are aiming for with your content and what you want to obtain. Only in this way will you be able to direct your efforts to the indicated actions. Making the most of your investment in content marketing.