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Pricing Models: Per Hour vs. Per Lead

Outbound telemarketing, while a classic marketing tactic, can be a complex beast when it comes to pricing. Unlike a simple product with a set cost, telemarketing involves people, effort, and varying levels outbound telemarketing service pricing lead cost of success. This article dives into the factors that influence outbound telemarketing service pricing and helps you understand the true cost of a lead.

Telemarketing service providers typically offer two main pricing structures

  • Per Hour: This model charges a set fee per hour for the cheap business phone number telemarketer’s time. Rates can range from $20 to $75 per hour depending on location, experience, and campaign complexity.

  • Per Lead: Here, you pay a fixed fee for each qualified lead generated. This ranges from $35 to $60 per lead, with the advantage of only paying for results.

Choosing the Right Model

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The best model depends on your campaign goals:

  • For predictable call volume and lead quality, per hour might be ideal. You know the upfront cost and can estimate campaign length.

  • For lead generation with uncertain conversion rates, per lead offers better cost control. You only pay for successful outcomes.

Beyond the Base Price: Additional Costs to Consider

  • Script Development and Training: Creating a compelling script and training telemarketers requires additional investment.

  • Lead Qualification Standards: Defining a “qualified lead” impacts cost. Highly specific leads will require more effort and incur a higher cost per lead.

  • Prospect Lists: Purchasing targeted prospect lists can be expensive but improves call efficiency.

  • Technology and Infrastructure: Auto dialers, call tracking Are you miserable after joining a new software, and CRM integration add to the overall cost.

Remember: The cheapest option isn’t always the best. Consider factors like telemarketer experience, industry knowledge, and quality control measures when making your decision.

Calculating Your True Lead Cost

To understand your true lead cost, consider these factors:

  • Total Campaign Cost: Add the base price (hourly or per lead) to additional costs like scriptwriting and technology.

  • Number of Leads Generated: Track the total number of qualified leads obtained throughout the campaign.

  • True Lead Cost: Divide the total campaign cost by the number of leads generated. This reveals the actual cost of acquiring a single lead.

By analyzing these factors, you can determine the return on investment (ROI) of your outbound telemarketing campaign.

In Conclusion

Outbound telemarketing service pricing can seem complex, but with a breakdown of the various models and additional costs, you can make informed decisions. Remember, focusing solely on the base price can be misleading. A well-managed campaign with experienced telemarketers, even if it has a slightly higher upfront cost, can deliver a much better lead quality and ROI in the long run.


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