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You really can’t beat that! One of the best things about our FXCommunity groups is that we can bring our favorite after-work hobbies into the office to share with others that have the same interests. Not only are our FXCommunity events free, but it’s a great opportunity to meet others who have similar interests, unwind with coworkers, and get to know each other better. FXFamily & Friends Holiday Movie IMG 6204 210x300As an annual WebFX winter tradition, we rent out our local cinema for an evening to enjoy not one, but two holiday movies! The team is encouraged to join us after they complete their hours for the day and unwind with pizza, beer, photos with Santa, and of course a movie! The cinema is conveniently located just around the corner from our office and makes for a fun after-work activity with coworkers and their families.

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That we rented all three of the cinema’stheaters which gave our Spam number data team another movie option! As we look to 2020, this same cinema is expecting some major renovations, which we’re super excited about! Techmas Our team looks forward to the launch of Techmas every December where our team gets to upgrade their tech equipment for the year ahead! We all love having the opportunity to upgrade our personal equipment, like smartphones and cameras, but we also love the opportunity to upgrade to the fanciest work equipment of our choice! At WebFX.

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For us to stay on top of industry trends, and having -of-the-line tech equipment is just one of the ways we do it! Holiday Cookie Exchange We have some really awesome bakers on our team, and last year, they had a great idea to host our first holiday Argentina Phone Number List cookie exchange over lunch hour! This optional event is fun, festive, and full of sugar! We were eager to ho st it for the second time this year – as we’re certain this will become a holiday staple at the office! Everyone who would like to participate is encouraged to bring a few bags of their homemade cookies and in exchange. They’ll receive a few bags to take home.



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