It’s not just crowded it’s also smelly

For students or office workers, using public transportation as a means of transportation is very cost-effective and time-saving. However, , many unpleasant situations often occur. The following are 5 bad situations that you may encounter when using public transportation. Check it out to see if you have encountered any of them.

When taking the bus

This situation will definitely occur during peak hours when going to school or going to work after school! Whether it is a train, light Greece Phone Number List rail or bus, it must be crowded.  in the bus, and everyone can only maintain a fixed posture until getting off the bus or the next stop. It is embarrassing to eat banmian face to face with unfamiliar passengers, and at this time you can only pretend to lower your head to play with your mobile phone.

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It is very difficult to turn around

In the morning, buses usually have no smell, because everyone Cayman Islands Phone Number List is still clean and fresh. But it’s different after work. Everyone has worked hard all day, and the sweat mixed with various odors is really “intoxicating”. The most fearful thing is that the people around you happen to be the source of the “fragrance”, and you will faint at any minute.


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