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Introduction to Email Marketing, Autoresponders, and Squeeze Pages

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Introduction to Email Marketing, Autoresponders, and Squeeze Pages

To begin, we’d like to discuss what separates e-mail marketing from spam. Spamming people is illegal, and punishments for sending spam can be ridiculously high (think anywhere from hundreds of thousands to billions, depending on the offense) – not to mention the fact that spamming simply doesn’t work

– it’s Anguilla Email Lists give the great solution would be to keep working on your areas until the sales increase. If you choose our mailing list direct from our company source, then get a more targeted list that will see a higher response rate and generate more profit for your business.

unprofessional and will most likely hurt your business as opposed to helping it. E-mail marketing, or at least proper email marketing, is suggested selling to customers who have given you their permission to inform them of the value of new, or additional, products and services. These customers are targeted because of their interest in a type of product.


It is possible to manually administer a mailing list – especially if that mailing list does not contain many addresses – but it’s difficult and time consuming. If your list is so small that you can handle it without any form of automation I would suggest that the list probably isn’t worth much as you simply don’t have enough subscribers.