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Images That Are Contextually Relevant

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Images That Are Contextually Relevant

Use attractive images that add value to the information you provide on your website and are highly relevant to the reader. Why is it important to use images that make sense in conjunction with the text? For the reader it makes more sense, you generate a good image and help create the impact you need for a visitor to become a prospect. For Google it also makes sense and helps you to better position your images and your content.

Appropriate sizes and dimensions of each image image size is important for seo A very common mistake is placing photos that are too large for the size that the web page will actually display. For example, taking a Greece B2B List with a cell phone or a reflex camera can give you a file about 3 thousand pixels wide, but if the website will show it in a box of 600 x 600 pixels, it would be appropriate to resize the image to that its size fits perfectly with the size in which it will be viewed by the user.

Appropriate Sizes And Dimensions Of Each Image

Similarly, if you have a rectangular image that is 1200 x 800 pixels but you will display it in a 700 x 400 area, it will not have the same dimensions so you will need to crop it appropriately or display it at the appropriate dimensions such as 600 by 400 px. A free and very complete tool that you can use to make cuts, resizes, compressions and quality improvements is Squoosh. Why is it important to maintain proper sizes and dimensions? On the one hand, because of the weight that a large image can generate


Slowing down the loading speed of your site (which has a direct impact on other factors such as usability and web positioning). On the other hand, because it is important to maintain the visual quality of the website so that you can generate trust and credibility with visitors , if your images look bad, squashed, stretched or “weird” because their dimensions are not correct, they detract from the image.

Why Are These Tags Important In Image Seo?

that the visitor of your company has. Keep as little weight as possible how to optimize image weights for seo The weight of the images. Is by aspects such as the format you choose and the compression of the image. It is important that you choose the appropriate format according to the type. Of image you are going to use, whether they are vectors, photographs or a combination, it is possible that the size and quality of the image will vary depending on the format in which you save it,