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IKEA teaches us a good lesson: Something is wrong with society

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IKEA teaches us a good lesson: Something is wrong with society

Those of you who know me well, you know that I insist again and again after the lesson learned:
It is very important to have ambitions, to want to go as far as we can, to plan our professional careers, Bahrain Mobile Database try to reach the highest … but not at the cost of the most important .

We live in a society that demands everything from us and when we get involved and it works, we succumb to a work “drunk” that prevents us from seeing what is happening around us.

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We leave our children in the hands of third parties, we pay for the best schools we can afford, and we fill their little lives with extracurricular activities, because that way we feel better and keep them busy.
When we get home, in the best of cases if they are awake, we are so tired that we hardly have the strength and patience to attend to them, but sometimes we even find them asleep.
So when the weekend or Christmas comes, we feel so guilty that we give them everything, what they ask for and also what they don’t ask for.
But have you thought about what our children really want?
No you fail to see the campaign IKEA, last night when I missed the link Brother Cell Phone List, I remembered a phrase that left me marked a few years ago and had completely changed the priorities of my life:
“Mom, but when you I need you, you are never at home ”
And, although it is a shock because it is not what is expected, that is how I answered Pau Garcîa Milá to his question about what he would say to Fatima 15 years ago, if I met her now (Last response from video)

Let’s take note, prioritize and give importance to the family conciliation. There are unrecoverable moments that are not paid for by the best project, the best company, or the best job in the world.