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If You Have an Android

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If You Have an Android

Facebook hootsuite microsoft account mailchimp tumblr twitter wordpress there is also the twofactorauth.org website , which has a super complete list of services that support this type of verification and what features they have, all separated by categories and with links explaining how to activate the functionality in each of them. 2fa support table of major social media, the vast majority already support it. If you’re curious to know exactly how the token works, this video in english will try to explain it to you: just for curiosity’s sake, there’s even 1password.

I Recommend Using

Which saves all your passwords so you only need one, which is integrated into your device (computer, tablet or smartphone). I confess i’ve never used it and i can’t say how safe it is to use something like this. Your phone also needs to be secure i don’t want to go too far on Media Directors Email Lists this subject, but it’s important to remember that it’s no use putting great passwords if someone can take your phone and be able to access all your accounts and passwords. The same goes for your notebook and computer. For this, i suggest looking for more information about the security of your device.

Media Directors Email Lists

The Cerberus Application

The simple one is the traditional one, with 4 numbers. But there is also an advanced option. Where you can use as many numbers and letters as you want. Which makes the password much more secure. In users of other platforms i don’t know what the best apps are. But i recommend looking into what you can do to make your phone/computer. More secure.find-my-iphone-ipad recently jimmy kimmel did an interesting. Social experiment where he basically. Asks people for their password. And guess what, they give out the password without realizing it. In this case. There is no password secure enough to save you from having your account hacked.